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10 Indications Your Baby May Need To See A Chiropractor

Babies 6
Difficult birth (forceps, suction, induced, c-section)Inability to breastfeedUnsettledness or colicFavours one side for feedingConstantly arches backConstantly kicks their legsPoor sleeping or dislikes being heldReflux or frequent spitting upRestriction in head turning & changes in cranial shapeAlways turns to one side when sleeping

If you notice any of these indicators in your baby be sure to have them checked by a chiropractor as soon as possible. These may indicate imbalances within the spine and nervous system that will effect bubs comfort and function but more important is the long term impact if these problems become 'locked in' to their system. As your baby is developing and growing so quickly the sooner these problems are addressed the better!

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Chiro For Kids: Fiction & Facts

You will probably have seen or heard the segment “Does Chiro Work” that aired on The Project last month.

Each year the chiropractic profession falls under attack from mainstream media. These flavour of the month pieces always capture the very worst sensationalistic journalism and The Project’s recent segment is no different. The saying, “never let the truth get in the way of a good story” rings true. For this reason, we have decided to set the record straight and explain the FICTION & FACTS in this story.

FICTION: There is no research to support chiropractic care for babies.

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New to Wave's Library: Dunstan Baby Language



DUNSTAN BABY LANGUAGE is a remarkable guide and tool to help parents understand the universal language of their newborn. All babies are born with an innate intelligence to understand and communicate their needs. 

All newborn babies produce 5 distinct pre-cry sounds that signal their 5 most important needs. This system will teach you to identify the various sounds your baby is communicating so you know precisely what your baby needs. The degree that parents tune-in to their babies communication and respond to their unique needs will determine the ease and joy they experience through this amazing time in life.

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Chiro Kids

Chiropractic Care Maroochydore Sunshine Coast

Each year more and more people are looking for natural options to promote and care for the health and wellbeing of their children. Most modern parents are conscious of eating well, moving well, avoiding chemicals and creating a nurturing, positive environment. Many health conscious parents are also having their children checked by a Chiropractor.

So, what is the ‘buzz’ about chiropractic for kids? Well, the 10 main reasons parents take their children to see a Chiropractor:
  • To encourage good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development).
  • To support their child’s overall health and wellbeing.
  • To help strengthen their child’s immunity and potentially reduce the incidence of colds, earaches and general illness.
  • To assist with colic and Irritable Baby Syndrome.
  • To help with asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies.
  • To encourage good spinal posture.
  • To help improve their child’s ability to concentrate.
  • To assist with behavioural disorders.
  • To help alleviate digestive problems.
  • To assist with bed-wetting and sleep issues.
Chiropractors interact with the body in a holistic way. They work with the structure of the body (mainly the spine) and its influence on body function (mainly via the nerve system). A better functioning nerve system means clearer communication from the brain to the body and back again. Creating a healthy, happy child!

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