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Chiropractic care for babies - Maroochydore Sunshine Coast

We have a little saying in our practice “as the twig bends the tree grows”!

Although they're so young, babies have experienced many influences & stressors on their body as well as their spine & nervous system. These include; how they were carried in utero, birth stress or trauma, interventions like forceps/vacuum suction/c-section/medication and more.

Not to mention the rapid growth & development that happens in such a short period of time. Developmental jumps like holding their head up, rolling, sitting up, crawling, standing & walking. These all follow a logical progression from the most basic steps to the more advanced.

We are passionate about providing phenomenal chiropractic care that is perfectly tailored to your babies age & level of development. We love supporting you the mum as well to navigate through this challenging period & to nurture your babies optimal function and development.

It is an honour for us to be trusted to care for your newborn & we don’t take this responsibility lightly. We care for your little ones as if they were our own!

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