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Chiropractic care during pregnancyThere is no more important time in life than during pregnancy, to have regular chiropractic care. A well adjusted, well functioning body tends to process pregnancy better. The spine and pelvis need to be balanced in order for mum and baby to be comfortable and to move freely. For baby this means she/he can flip, turn and move into an optimal birth position. For mum this means she can move with ease, without the familiar pregnancy waddle. When the spine is balanced there is clear communication along the nerves, which enables the body to react appropriately to every stress it faces. A clear nerve system will process the chemical, physical and emotional stress associated with pregnancy with much greater ease then a system overwhelmed with interference.

The balance of mum’s body will be hugely influential in the comfort and ease with which your body opens during labour to create a smooth, gentle and peaceful welcome into the world for your baby. [1]

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