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Chiropractic care during pregnancyThere is no other moment in life where you are thrown with so many keys decisions & questions. On top of which your body goes through so many changes!

Common experiences include; swollen ankles, pregnancy waddle, pain, restricted movement, difficulty getting up & down, belly tension and more.

These maybe COMMON experiences for many mum but they are certainly not NATURAL or NORMAL! After all we evolved from a tribal heritage which required mums to keep up & moving with the tribe. 

We love supporting pregnant mums through all of these unique experiences by nurturing balance in their spine & nervous system. This involves specific adjustments & techniques suited to the unique needs of pregnancy. Our tailored pregnancy care is at it’s core about supporting & nurturing your body to be in the best shape possible throughout this special time.

Your body is fundamentally designed to bring life & pregnancy it is perfectly NATURAL! It certainly is not a disease or problem that needs to be managed. We are in awe of the marvel & intelligence that a women’s body undertakes in pregnancy! Growing a baby from two cells to four, then eight, sixteen and so on, all without you having to think about it - absolutely amazing! We honour this intelligence in your body with our natural, holistic & safe care.

You will love our warm & inviting practice, which will immediately make your feel at ease. If you have other children, feel free to bring them with you as they will love to colour, play with toys & read in our kid friendly environment. Our staff love kids as well and are more then happy to cuddle, play & engage with them!

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