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An Extreme State of Health!

Imagine this scenario in your head.maxresdefault

You are out at your favourite local restaurant with friends celebrating something magical.  A birthday, an anniversary, a raise or even Friday. Everyone orders a refreshing beverage and some nibbles that match the drinks perfectly (and you didn’t even mean to pair it so perfectly). Suddenly you hear the sound of something quickly pushed to the side like it fell over. Everyone looks over and notices a 30 something male stumbling around and vomiting into the garbage bin next to the bar. He is pale, looks like he may have a beer belly and he smells awful (the person to your right may of gave you all of their food because they lost their appetite). You look over at the bartender shaking her head. She is slim in figure, has thin blonde hair, seems like she has a lot of makeup on and may be a bit clumsy. She is a similar age to the man who is making a scene in the restaurant.

Now lets make some first impressions on who is healthier.

Most people who I talk to have made the guess that the bartender is the healthier one between the two. No outwardly symptoms, one would imagine she doesn’t smell like the man and she seems to have more energy.

Now let’s add some back story to create the whole picture.

The man, let’s call him Steven, normally eats a healthy diet and exercises daily. Steven ate some off shell fish maybe an hour or two before hand and caused a cascade of events, increased bloating, temperature spike, vomiting and increased sweating.  All of these responses are what the body does innately to eliminate anything that can harm it. An intelligent and a healthy response.

The Bartender, Susan, has been working 15 hours days to make the bill payments. She’s tired, stressed and constantly gets headaches. She takes a couple of painkillers to not only reduce her headaches but to reduce her upper back pain that is caused by her forward head posture. She drinks 5 cups of coffee a day to stay awake and loves to eat Pad Thai almost every night, which is usually her main meal.

So who is healthier?

That smelly, vomiting man.

A body that works the way it is supposed to, adapting and responding to its environment in a manner that lets the body thrive, is the optimal expression of health.

The next time you feel “sick” (AN EXTREME STATE OF HEALTH) ask yourself “do I want to supress this response or do I want to support my body through this?

Check out our previous blog post 10 Natural Ways To Boost Immunity for ways to support your body.

Healing Chicken Soup
Olive Leaf Extract

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Thursday, 29 October 2020

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